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HeartSuccess- A Heart Failure Podcast

Nov 14, 2019

Diabetes management is changing rapidly, and with that we have newer management strategies with cardiovascular benefit. Dr Ritika Puri shares an endocrinologist's perspective on where diabetes stands today, and shares interesting insights into how to approach cardiovascular disease in diabetes management.
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Oct 31, 2019

Ilya Danelich PharmD (Board Certified Cardiac Pharmacist) walks us through the mechanism of action and pearls for different classes of diabetic drugs including the NEWER drugs. We also describe how to prescribe the newer SGLT2 inhibitors and review mechanisms for adverse effects and cardiovascular/renal benefits.

Oct 23, 2019

We introduce you to our new HeartSuccess team member. Our episode includes two TCT 2019 trials (EXCEL, TWILIGHT), the Polypill study, Role of Beta Blockers in HFpEF, Use of lung zone US in HF in predicting outcomes, Hemodynamics of lung congestion in HFpEF, CITRIS-ALI study, Hypothermia in non-shockable rhythm cardiac...

Sep 13, 2019

The European Society of Cardiology is one of the largest annual cardiology meetings. Here we summarize all the important trials that were presented at this meeting and discuss their impact on clinical practice.
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Aug 16, 2019

Dr Janani Rangaswami is a leading expert in the field of Cardiorenal syndrome. We get into a great discussion on understanding Cardiorenal syndrome, its underlying pathophysiology, approach to the disease, several clinical tidbits and how to manage such patients based on contemporary data. Dr Rangaswami recently led the...