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HeartSuccess- A Heart Failure Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

We discuss several of the important data coming out the European Society of Cardiology 2020 meeting.

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Sep 27, 2020

We discuss cardiogenic shock and decision making in the case of a young female presenting to the ER. We have a panel of cardiologists guide the discussion. Drs Rene Alvarez, Daniel Sims and Alec Vishnevski discuss the case presented by cardiology fellow Rachna Kataria, MD.
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Aug 19, 2020

We discuss the various aspects of cardiogenic shock including definition, heterogeneity, classification and management with an internationally renowned expert in the field Dr Navin Kapur. Dr Kapur is the Director of the Acute Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston,...

Aug 3, 2020

We discuss several aspects of cardio-oncology including screening protocols, specific chemotherapy related cardiotoxicities and management of cardiovascular disease among cancer patients and cancer survivors. Dr Sherry-Ann Brown is the director of Cardio-Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin,...

Jul 19, 2020

We discuss several aspects of cardiac arrhythmias and their management among cancer patients and cancer survivors with Drs Fradley and Guha. Dr Fradley is an electrophysiologist and Dr Guha is a non-invasive cardiologist, both with tremendous expertise in cardio-oncology. Dr Fradley is the Medical Director...